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A hydrophobic textile that can be used to collect the energy of water droplets

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In recent years, wearable technology has developed rapidly, and researchers have created a variety of multi-functional wearable devices, which have greatly enriched people's lives. To capture the mechanical energy distributed around wearable devices, energy harvesting technologies such as friction nanogenerators (TENGs) have been developed. However, polymer films commonly used in TENGs for energy collection of water droplets have disadvantages such as poor air permeability, poor skin affinity and irredeemable hydrophobicity, which limit their further application in the wearable field. Therefore, the development of waterproof, breathable, self-repair and other multi-functional fabrics to realize the collection of human movement energy and environmental water droplets energy is of great significance to the sustainable power supply of wearable electronic products. In view of this, researchers at the Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed an all-fabric TENG (F-TENG), which not only has good air permeability and hydrophobic self-healing properties, but also shows effective energy conversion efficiency.


The characteristics of the F - TENG

The surface material of hydrophobic fabric is composed of SiO2 nanoparticles, FDTS and PVDF-HFP. The combined action of these three components makes the fabric exhibit good hydrophobicity and acid and alkali resistance. In addition, pvDF-HFP can promote FDTS molecules to move to the surface under heating condition due to its low glass transition temperature, and realize hydrophobic self-repair function. The hydrophobic fabric is self-cleaning and the graphite powder can be easily removed from the surface by water droplets. In addition, the researchers tested the air permeability of the coated fabric and the original fabric. The air permeability of hydrophobic fabrics is higher than that of ordinary commercial denim fabrics. These results indicate that hydrophobic fabrics still have good air permeability and comfort in wearable applications.

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