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A fabric - based friction nano - generator for flame - retarding environment

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Every year, tens of thousands of fires occur all over the country. These fires bring great threats to people's lives and property safety. At present, friction nanogenerator has been widely used in various scenarios, but it is still seldom used in fire scenarios. However, most of the materials used in our daily life are non-flame retardant, so these researches are somewhat out of step with the goal of widely applying in our life. Due to fabric natural wearable and friction power energy collection and self-supply sensing properties of fabric base friction power is considered to be important solution wearable electronic products, but most of the fabric is not flame retardant, which hindered the fabric base friction nano generator in the application of fire scenario.

Wang Zhonglin of the Beijing Institute of Nanometer Energy and Systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, uses cotton fabric as the base and uses layer upon layer self-assembly method to produce flame retardant coating on cotton fabric for the purpose of flame retardant. The experimental results show that it has excellent self-extinguishing effect for the fire-retardant cotton cloth, and the thermal stability and the heat release rate under the heat flow are greatly improved. Then a flame-retardant fabric based friction nano-generator (FT-Teng) with vertical contact separation mode was prepared by using flame-retardant cotton cloth, with a peak output power density of 343.19mW /m2. Ft-teng can still maintain 49.2% output after 17 flame burns (20 s per burn) at different locations and 34.48% output at 220 ℃. In addition, FT-teng can be widely used in a variety of humidity environments. Ft-teng can be used by firefighters as an energy collection device. Ft-teng has also been successfully used in forest fire detection and alarm systems as a self-powered sensor.

Flame retardant and export properties of FT-Teng

Ft-teng is used for energy collection and self-actuating sensing

The work to a "Flame - Retardant Textile - -based Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Fire Protection Applications", published in the ACS Nano.

Thesis topic: Flame - Retardant Textile - -based Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Fire Protection Applications

DOI: 10.1021 / acsnano. 0 c07148

(Source: Friction nanogenerator TENG)

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