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blue nylon high elastic yarn with high tenacity 70D/24F/2 for sportswear

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Package:22-25kg/ carton
Delivery time:Subject to order quantity
Payment:T/T or L/C at sight
Supply capacity:15 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai

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Product Type: blue nylon high elastic yarn
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Material: 100% nylon
Brand Name: Leinuo
Yarn Type: blue nylon high elastic yarn
Specification: 70D/24F/2
Cone yarn weight: 300-900g/ cone
Color: blue
Cone type: Cone tube, plastic or papery
Grade: AA Grade

blue nylon high elastic yarn for sock/ hosiery/ panty-hose/seamless underwear/ glove/ knitted sweater fabric/ sports wear/ According to customer needs

Parameters and character

Features of nylon thread

1. Coordinate with fabric characteristics

It can ensure the unification of shrinkage, heat resistance, wear resistance, durability, etc., and avoid the shrinkage caused by the large difference between lines and fabrics. Generally, thin thread is used for soft and thin materials with small machine needle, and thick thread is used for hard and thick materials with large machine needle.

2. Coordinate with sewing equipment

The flat sewing machine uses left-handed sewing thread, which can be twisted during sewing to maintain the strength of the sewing thread.

3. Coordinate with trace form

The bag (stretch) sewing machine uses fine cotton thread, which is not easy to deform and wrinkle, and makes the chain stitch beautiful and comfortable. Double-thread stitches shall be stitches with good extensibility. The crotch seam and shoulder seam shall be made of firm suture. Wear resistant suture shall be selected for button eyeliner.

4. Coordinate with clothing types

Clothing for special purposes, such as elastic clothing, requires elastic nylon thread, and fire protection clothing should use nylon thread with heat resistance, fire resistance and waterproof treatment.


Our services

Our main products

l DTY& FDY : Polyester/ Nylon, general spec. 20D - 300D

l Spandex Covered Yarn (air/ mechanical): Lycra/ Spandex Covered Yarn, Cotton Covered Yarn. 2012 - 70100

l Rubber yarn (RCY): Latex Rubber, Spandex Rubber. 80# - 120#, 1807575

lNylon High Elastic Yarnhigh tenacity nylon 6 dty40D/12F/2  70D/24F/2  70D/48F/2

lPolyester High Elastic Yarn:75D/36F/2

l SPANDEX:20D/30D/40D/70D(LYCRA/creora/)

lIndustrial yarn1000D/2000D/3000D

l Hot Melt Silk150D/48F

Most popular wholesale high elastic nylon yarn 70D24F2 for soccer socks


1.Q:What is the DTY?

A:Draw Texturing Yarn is a finished Yarn that is continuously or simultaneously drawn on a twisting machine and deformed by a twisting machine.

2.Q:Do you inspect the finished products?

A:yes,each step of production and finished products will be came out inspection by QC department before shipping.

3.Q:What's your advantages?

A: 1) Good and Stability Quality

2) Professional Communication and offer

3) Efficient After-sales Service



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