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High quality 100% colour nylon fully drawn yarn FDY

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Package:4 cones/ carton
Delivery time:Subject to order
Payment:T/T or L/C at sight
Supply capacity:15 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai
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Product Type:FDY
Material:100% polyester
Brand Name: Leinuo
Certification: Oeko-tex standard 100 & IOS9001:2008
Packing details:

Inner Packing:

around 7-8 kg/ cone

Outer Packinq:

4 cones/ carton Approximately 11 tons/ 20 container 23 tons/ 40' container

Lead time (one container):20 days after receipt of L/C or T/T deposit

fully drawn yarn feel smooth and soft, and are often used to weave Imitation silk fabrics. It is widely used in clothing and home textiles.

Parameters and character

Color polyester filament FDY features

1. Good light resistance. Light resistance is second only to acrylic fiber. The light resistance of polyester fabric is better than that of acrylic fiber, and its sun resistance is better than that of natural fiber fabric. Especially in the glass behind the sun resistance is very good, almost as good as acrylic.

2. Corrosion resistance. Resistant to bleach, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids. Resistant to dilute alkali, not afraid of mildew, but hot alkali can make it decompose. There are strong acid and alkaline resistance, anti - ultraviolet ability

3. Poor dyeing, but good color fastness, not easy to fade. Because there is no specific staining group on the polyester molecular chain, and the polarity is small, so the dyeing is more difficult, the dyeing is poor, and the dye molecules are not easy to enter the fiber.

4. Poor hygroscopicity, muggy feeling, and easy to bring static electricity, dirt dust, affect the beauty and comfort. However, it is easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength almost does not decline, no deformation, and has good washable and wearable performance.


Our services
Over the years, fully drawn yarn has been sold to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and other regions.



1.Q:Is it OK to print my logo on the Package?

A:Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and We will print it directly when we produce it.

2.Q:Do you inspect the finished products?

A:yes,each step of production and finished products will be came out inspection by QC department before shipping.

3.Q:Is your factory capable of producing?

A:Great.we have latest equipments and skilled workers ready for bulk orders right now.

4.Q:What's your advantages?

A: 1) Good and Stability Quality

2) Professional Communication and offer

3) Efficient After-sales Service


Behind every successful brand, stands a reliable manufacturer. Loyal clients appreciate our thorough understanding of their commercial objectives and how to meet them, while new clients can be assured with our experience and our drive to help you succeed.Any quality textile needs to be made of quality yarn, such as comfortable cotton, DTY, wrap, rubber wrap and high elastic silk, FDY, etc.


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