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recycle yarn 70d24f nylon DTY yarn grade aa sd color yarn dope dyed grey knitting for sock

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Delivery time:Subject to order
Supply capacity:15 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai

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Product Type:DTY
Place of Origin:China
Material:100% Nylon/100% Polyester
Brand Name:Leinuo
Yarn Type:Draw texturing yarn

30D/14F 35D/24F 50D/72F

55D/36F 68D/72F 75D/36F

75D/72F 100D/36F 100D/144F

150D/48F 150D/96F 150D/144F

150D/288F 300D/96F 300D/288F

30D/12F 30D/24F 40D/12F

40D/24F 40D/36F 50D/24F

50D/36F 50D/48F 70D/24F

70D/48F 100D/24F 100D/48F 

Color:Raw White/Raw Black/According to customer needs
P Certification:Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Oil content:2-4 % / According to customer needs
Breaking strength:3-4.5 Cn / dtex/ According to customer needs
Grade:AA Grade

yarn for sock/hosiery/panty-hose/seamless underwear/glove/knitted

sweater fabric/sports wear/ According to customer needs

Parameters and character

We adheres the development strategy of green low-carbon and environmental protection. Always insisting on thecustomer-centeredbusiness philosophy, to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise with the quality policy ofquality of advanced technology, and satisfying customers continuously.

Nearly 20 years of production and service experience.Owns professional production technology, quality management team, and skilled and stable industrial workers.

We are mainly engaged in the production and sales of FDY, DTY, Covered Yarn, Rubber Covered Yarn, Lycra Covered yarn, Copy Nylon yarn, High elastic yarn, Spandex and provide high quality materials for all types of textiles.

Leading companies in socks and circular machines, jointly promoting new product development, leading the development trend of the industry, and having a good reputation in the industry.

Our services

DTY:POY——Draw Texturing Machine——Inspection and Test——Packaging——Shipment



1.Q:Is it OK to print my logo on the Package?

A:Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and We will print it directly when we produce it

2.Q:What is theFDY?

A:Fully DRAWN YARN with high orientation and medium crystallinity can be obtained by introducing drawing in the spinning process.Conventional polyester and nylon full stretch yarn, are chemical fiber filament.FDY fabrics feel smooth and soft, and are often used to weave silk like fabrics.It has a wide range of applications in clothing and home textiles.

3.Q:what is the DTY?

A:Draw Texturing Yarn is a finished Yarn that is continuously or simultaneously drawn on a twisting machine and deformed by a twisting machine.



Different computer monitors have aberration.

So don't just send a picture, we do not know what color you want

Please refer to our factory color card(ZHENGDAO) Pantone color card or MlYAMA color card Or send the color sample to us directly.


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