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China Manufacturer 75D36F2 cream yellow high elastic polyester yarn for sweater

Minimum order quantity:



21-24kg/ carton

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Subject to order quantity


T/T or L/C at sight

Supply capacity:

10tons per day


Ningbo/ Shanghai

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Product Type:

cream yellow high elastic polyester yarn

Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China
Material:100% Polyester
Brand Name:Leinuo
Yarn Type:Dopy dyed yarn

75D/36F/2, 75D/36F




Color:Customized or as per supplier color cards/Colorful yarn
Cone type:Cone tube, plastic or papery
Grade:AA Grade
Usage:cream yellow high elastic polyester yarn can also be used to make backpacks, satchels, handbags and other accessories, because it has good water resistance and wear resistance, can ensure the safety of items.

Parameters and character

Advantages of high elastic polyester yarn

1)Light and comfortable: high elastic polyester yarn is a lightweight material with good air permeability and comfort, which is ideal for applications in fields such as outdoor sports and leisure clothing. At the same time, the high elastic polyester yarn can also provide excellent strength and durability, even if worn for a long time without discomfort.

2)Waterproof and moisture-proof: high elastic polyester yarn has good waterproof and moisture-proof effect and can be enhanced by PU or PVC coating. This performance makes the high elastic polyester yarn widely used in outdoor equipment, raincoats, sports shoes and other fields, which can bring better protection for people's travel.

3)Wear resistance: The high elastic polyester yarn has excellent wear resistance and is not easy to be torn or worn. It is suitable for clothing in contact with human body, which can prolong the life of clothing and reduce production cost.


Our services

Our main products

l DTY& FDY : Polyester/ Nylon, general spec. 20D - 300D

l Spandex Covered Yarn (air/ mechanical): Lycra/ Spandex Covered Yarn, Cotton Covered Yarn. 2012 - 70100

l Rubber yarn (RCY): Latex Rubber, Spandex Rubber. 80# - 120#, 1807575

lNylon High Elastic Yarnhigh tenacity nylon 6 dty40D/12F/2  70D/24F/2  70D/48F/2

lPolyester High Elastic Yarn:75D/36F/2

l SPANDEX:20D/30D/40D/70D(LYCRA/creora/)

lIndustrial yarn1000D/2000D/3000D

l Hot Melt Silk150D/48F

copy nylon


1.Q :What is ACY?

A :ACY is the abbreviation of Air Covered Yarn.It consists of spandex andPOY. The key process is air injection. And it can be divided into Nylon ACY and Polyester ACY.

2.Q :What's your payment terms?

A :T/T ( 30% Advance ; 70% before loading container; L/C at sight.

3.Q :What are your main products?

A :Our main prodcuts are Polyester DTY, Nylon DTY,SpandexCoveredYarnAir covered yarn/Mechanical covered yarn,Polyester FDY,Nylon FDY,Hot Melt Silk,Industrial Yarn,Polyester High Elastic Yarn,Nylon High Elastic Yarnand RubberCoveredYarn.



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