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Raw white lycra 20D spandex 2070 air covered yarn made in china

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Delivery time:Subject to order
Payment:T/T ( 30% Advance ; 70% before loading container ) ; L/C at sight.
Supply capacity:15 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai

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Product Type: Air covered yarn Nylon/Polyester Covered yarn Spandex(D)  Polyester(D/F)
Place of Origin: China 20 30/14
Material: spandex and Nylon/Polyester 20 45/24
Brand Name: Leinuo 20 50/24
Yarn Type: Single Covered Yarn 20 75/36
Specification: 2070 20 75/72
Color: Raw White/Raw Black/According to customer needs 30 50/36
30 75/36
Certification: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 30 75/72
Twist: s/z 40 55/36
Evenness: Standard 40 75/36

lycra 20D spandex 2070 air covered yarn can be used as woven fabric, and double twisted yarn can be processed into single yarn or replaced with single yarnthe fabric feels good and can reflect the advantages of coating.

40 75/72
70 180/144
40 150/144
Strength: Standard 40 100/144
Grade: AA grade 70 100/144

Parameters and character


Different computer monitors have aberration.

So don't just send a picture, we do not know what color you want

Please refer to our factory color card(ZHENGDAO) Pantone color card or MlYAMA color card Or send the color sample to us directly.


Our services

Classification of Air Covered Yarn

1. According to the number of covering layers, it can be divided into two types: single-covered yarn and double-covered yarn. Among them, nylon-spandex covered yarn and polyester-spandex covered yarn are mostly covered by single wrapping.

2. According to different equipment, it can be divided into two types: mechanical covered yarn and royal blue ACY air covered yarn.

DTY 150D36F Raw White Polyester Yarn NIM SD AA grade


1.Q :What are your main products?

A :Our main prodcuts are Polyester DTY, Nylon DTY,SpandexCoveredYarnCheap Air covered yarn/Mechanical covered yarn,Polyester FDY,Nylon FDY,Hot Melt Silk,Industrial Yarn,Polyester High Elastic Yarn,Nylon High Elastic Yarnand RubberCoveredYarn.

2.Q :What is covered yarn?

A :Covered yarn is a type of combination yarn. It uses a filament as the core, and another fiber wrapped around it in a one-way spiral.

3.Q :What are the characteristics of spandex covered yarns?

A :Cheap Air covered yarn (ACY for short) is a kind of yarn which is drawn by filament and spandex at the same time through a certain type of nozzle and regularly sprayed by high compressed air to form rhythmic network points.The fabric feels soft and smooth; Mechanically covered yarns (SCY for short) are spun and twisted on the core spandex with uniform draft. They are twisted and twisted (abbreviated as TPM). The main feature of this yarn is its smooth and straight fabric style.


What is the difference between air covered yarn and spandex covered yarn?

Cheap Air covered yarn(ACY for short) is a kind of yarn in which the outer fiber filament and spandex yarn are simultaneously drawn through a certain type of nozzle, and then the high compressed air is sprayed regularly to form rhythmic network points.The fabric feels soft and smooth;

spandex covered yarn (English abbreviation SCY) is the outer fiber filament constantly rotates and encircled on the core spandex which is drawn at uniform speed. It is twisted and has a twist (English abbreviation TPM). The main feature of the fabric is its flat and straight style.

ACY SCY different

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