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Grs Certification best price 3070 DARK PINK LYCRA ACY for knitting and weaving

Minimum order quantity:1000kg
Delivery time:Subject to order
Payment:T/T ( 30% Advance ; 70% before loading container ) ; L/C at sight.
Supply capacity:15 tons per day
Port:Ningbo/ Shanghai

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Place of Origin:

Material:Spandex and poy yarn 
Brand Name:Leinuo
Yarn Type:


Color:Raw White/Raw Black/According to customer needs
Certification:Oeko-Tex Standard 100

3070 DARK PINK LYCRA ACY is suitable for weaving sports tights, such as swimming suit, ski suit, women's underwear, etc.

Parameters and character

What is the difference between


andspandex covered yarn?

Aircoveredyarn (3070 DARK PINK LYCRA ACY) is a kind of yarn in which the outer fiber filament and spandex yarn are simultaneously drawn through a certain type of nozzle, and then the high compressed air is sprayed regularly to form rhythmic network points.The fabric feels soft and smooth;

spandex covered yarn (SCY) is the outer fiber filament constantly rotates and encircled on the core spandex which is drawn at uniform speed. It is twisted and has a twist (English abbreviation TPM). The main feature of the fabric is its flat and straight style

ACY SCY different

Our services


1)DTY: nylon yarn denier 20D-200D, polyester yarn denier 35D-300D

2)ACY(Air Covered Yarn): nylon yarn denier 2020-7070, polyester yarn denier 1535-70150

3)Spandex Covered Yarn: nylon yarn denier 2010-140200, polyester yarn denier 1535-140300

4)Rubber Covered Yarn: 100#7070 100#7575 1407070 1407575

5)Nylon High Elastic Yarn: nylon yarn denier 40D-100D

6)Polyester High Elastic Yarn: polyester yarn denier 55D-150D

7)Spandex: 10D-1680D

8)FDY: 75D/36F 150D/48F

9)Industrial yarn: 1000D



1.Q :What is covered yarn?

A :Covered yarn is a type of combination yarn. It uses a filament as the core, and another fiber wrapped around it in a one-way spiral.

2.Q :What about the packing?

A :For package, it usually comes by neutral packing. If customer has his own special requirement, it can be customized.

3.Q :How to get a sample?

A :If sample less than 250g, usually is free,but express charge and will be buyer's own. For more than 250g sample, it needs to pay sample cost.


What is twist S and twist Z?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about S twist and Z twist threads and it’s getting attention. Some refer to thread twist as a left or right twist, but the proper terminology is S or Z twist. When a sewing thread is constructed, it is made up of multiple strands, usually two or three strands (also referred to as plies or ply) twisted together, although some may have as many as six or eight strands twisted together. All sewing, embroidery, or quilting threads made for home machines, industrial machines, or longarm machines should have a final Z twist pattern.

The direction of the twist is important. If you hold the roving at one end and you twist it to the left, you create an “S” twist. If you twist it to the right, you create a “Z” twist

The initial twist (or first twist) for the individual strands should be an S twist. These strands are then twisted together in a final Z twist to form the thread. This is the same worldwide for any major brand of sewing, embroidery, or quilting machine. There are a few threads that have the opposite twist. Some hand quilting thread, knitting, and weaving threads have a final S twist. If you use a thread with an opposite twist, the thread will loosen instead of tighten as you sew with it. Threads are not marked with the twist pattern because it isn’t considered essential to know. If you use quality thread from a reliable company and stitch with it in its intended purpose, most likely it has the proper twist. If you notice that your thread unravels as it sews, it is probably a thread not intended for machine work.

75d denier polyester yarn 36F DTY textured yarn

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